Monday, January 31, 2011

If you don't like who you are .... change!

I saw something on TV and it said the great thing about being a human is that we have the freedom to change our mind. If you don't like who you are or what you are doing today. There is always tomorrow and you can be anything you want to be! Easier said than done I think!

My Bestie!

What a wonderful person and friend she is! I knew that she was a wonderful person on one of or maybe the very 1st meeting.  I was having a birthday party and some people had to leave before I blew out the candles. Well, instead of my mom saying lets sing happy birthday so, we can give them some cake before they leave she just cut the cake and gave them pieces to go!  If you know me you know that I take my birthday pretty seriously. I became very upset! Now, I only knew Brandy because she was the girlfriend to one of my friends but, she saw that I was upset and just so
happened to have to have a cookie in her car. Well, because she is so  freaking smart and such a caring person she went out to her car and got the cookie put a candle in the middle so I could get my Happy Birthday!  That is when I realized she was special! Our friendship began to grow and it has become such a wonderful thing over the past 10 years! We don't talk everyday and we go months without seeing each other but that is what is so great about having a true friend it doesn't matter how long you go without talking or seeing each other you just fall back into your wonderful friendship. Life has been up and down for both of us and she is always there whenever I need her no matter what.  She is a once in a lifetime kind of friend!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dr Pepper!

As soon as my husband got home from work he just had a bad attitude. He didn't really talk to me and when he did his answers were short.  We ran out of Dr. Pepper and I asked him to get some and he refused. Normally he would do this. So,  this was something I would normally ask of him but, when he refused it really pissed me off and I began nag him and whine about getting the Dr. Pepper! He still refused! So, this turned into a huge fight and I decided that I would just go get the Dr. Pepper well, I didn't have any money so I asked him for some and he was already pissed off he refused to give me the money so, that escalated the fight.  During this fight I got a little piece of the real problem .... which is he doesn't think that I do enough during the day. So, I ask him what am I supposed to be doing and his answer was I DON'T KNOW!  Well, he is mad because I am not doing something that he doesn't even know what I am supposed to be doing. MAKES NO SENSE TO ME!  I beg him to talk to me but he just leaves and doesn't speak to me the rest of the night!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Letter to Brody!

I never knew I could love someone as much as I love you! The moment I found out I was pregnant I began to anticipate who you would look like, what kind of personality you would have and wondering If I was gonna be a good mother! I know I'll make probably make mistakes along the way but I want you to know that you are my everything, my world, my heart. I will do whatever it takes to make your life as wonderful as it can be. From the day you were born I could tell that you were smart. You would observe everything around as if you were saying " OK, world here I am!" You held your head up early, you could hold your own bottle early and you were determined to walk sooner than later! And you did! At 8 months old you could go anywhere you wanted to go! Mr. Independent is what you are! I pray that you keep your determination that you had from day one and you go through life making things happen for yourself.  Know that daddy and I love you more than anything and we will do whatever we can to help you achieve your dreams.!  You are such a happy baby boy! Everything you do makes me smile! I love the way you point with your thumb and the way you start dancing anytime there is music on!  You are also fearless! At only 12 months old you climbed up a slide ( all on your own) and when you got to the top you turned around, slid back down just to do it all over again! I can tell that whatever you decide to do and you give it your all .... you will succeed! BRODY ZANE RIMA YOU WILL DO GREAT THINGS!

" You are a promise... You are a possibility ... You are a promise with the capital P! You are a great big bundle of potentiality ... and if you listen .. you can hear GOD's voice ... and if you are trying you can make the right choice ... You are a promise to be anything GOD wants you to be!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What If......

* What if I didn't sneak out of the movies that Friday night when I was 13 and got caught? Would I have gotten to speak to my papa before he died a few days later?

* What if my mom had listened to the doctors and took my little sister off of life support shortly after she was born because they said she would be brain damaged if she even made it. (BTW my sister is 25 and she is perfectly healthy)?

* What if my parents never reconciled after their divorce when I was young?

* What if I stayed with and eventually married my High School Sweet heart?

* What if I never moved to Hot Springs?

* What if I had been more responsible and stayed in college?

* What if I never wished upon that shooting star that night in October?

* What if I decided not to go to Lakeshore Heights Baptist Church?

             If these things never happened I wouldn't be where I am today. Blessed that I got to talk to my papa and hear him say I love you Lynney Pooper one last time.  If my mom had listened to the Doctors I wouldn't have the great blessing to be Lesley's big sister. If my parents never remarried I would not have either of my sisters and I am sure my life would be completely different.  If I married my high school sweetheart I would probably be unhappy and definitely not with the love of my life.  If I never moved to Hot Springs I wouldn't have made so many wonderful friends that love me unconditionally. If I had stayed in school I would be more financial stable and have a job. If I hadn't wished upon that star I wouldn't have got my wish and it would have taken me longer to realize that it's not about being with the boy that everyone wants.  If I had never attended Lakeshore Heights Baptist Church I wouldn't have met my soul mate, my truly wonderfully amazing husband who loves me more than I can fathom and we wouldn't have a precious son who is going to do great things.

            I am glad all those things happened because I wouldn't be the Lynsey that I am today truly blessed with wonderful family and friends!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm Sorry!!!!!!!

To me apologies are important and I find myself apologizing a lot. Does that make me a bad person? No! I thinks it makes me a pretty good person. I am willing to admit when I have made a mistake and I often do it quickly. I can't stand for someone to be mad so, I want to fix it immediately. Well other people in the world apparently DO NOT think like I do.  I have people in my life that will NEVER admit fault. Others only admit it when I bring it to there attention which I don't think that is sincere and I feel like they just say it so I will shut up. Other people don't even want to talk to you to accept your apology. That hurts when you put yourself out there and they refuse to listen to anything you have to say. If someone is willing to recognize a mistake the other person should not be disrespectful and refuse it. Let's humble ourselves and be able to give an apology when it is needed and accept it when one is trying to be given!

It's just 2 Words!

Thank you, Is that so hard?  I am a big thank you person I say thank you a million times a day. As a result my son says thank you all the time. I believe it is just common courtesy to thank someone who deserves it.  For instance someone who opens the door for you or your waiter at a restaurant. I thank them constantly through out a meal. I thank my husband all the time for all the wonderful things that he does!  You should just thank people for being kind and for doing something for you.  I don't know anyone who hates getting thanked for something.   So, go out and thank someone who has done a kind gesture or made your life a little easier.

Friday, January 7, 2011

I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore.

I am currently in a living situation that sucks and my home that I had with my husband was my "Kansas" and I am very far away from there.  How would you describe the place I live?  Well, for starters there are 7 people living in 1 house and it's not very big! I have explained in a previous blog why I am here so, I won't get into that but, I am here with Michael and Brody. My family as our own issues that we have to deal with not to mention the other peoples problems in this house so, you can imagine how stressful it is! I live with my Mom, Dad and Grandma who have lived together for like 17 years so, they have there own way of living and routines and then there is my Aunt who as her own way of doing things so, bringing all those people together will cause problems. I also believe that 4 out of 7 people in this house are legally crazy. We live in fear of someone setting someone off and then everything turns into WWIII. This is not any place to live if you are a sane person but it is surely not a good place if you are crazy!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

F Bombs

Everyone has a vice or two and one of mine happens to be cursing.  This is something I try to be conscious of and stop but I drop F bombs left and right not mention all the other words out there. My husband also has this vice so the two of us together don't help each other so, my goal for 2011 is to stop cursing and especially dropping those F BOMBS!

Decisions! Decisions!

" You make decisions and they turn around and make you." Unknown
Life is filled with us having to make decision after decision. Sometimes I feel like it is one big guessing game. Do you want what is behind door #1 or door #2 you can't see what is behind those doors but you are forced to make a decision.   So, what happens if you pick the wrong door? Well, you end up having to pay the consequences or you don't get the bigger prize.  That sucks because we all  want to make the right decision but you don't know if its right until you have already chosen!  It doesn't matter what point you are in your life it is all based on decisions. The decision you make today could have a major affect on the rest of your life. So, don't dwell on the small decisions but do take some time on major decisions and think how could this affect the rest of my life because every decision you make does have an affect on you or maybe even someone else! So, lets think!

Am I a bad parent? I don't think so!

What classifies some as being a good parent? I can think of numerous things that make you a bad parent and none of which I do but, I have in fact been called or suggested on several occasions that I was a bad parent,  If you are a parent and this has ever happened to you you know how bad it hurts.  It is one of the worst things you can say to someone.  It feels like you are being stabbed in the heart.  My son is 2 and he is not malnourished, neglected, beaten or abused in any other way. He constantly loves on me as I do him. I think Brody thinks that I am a pretty awesome mom. My parenting style may be not be the same parenting style you have but who are you to say that mine is wrong?  How you want to raise your children is your own business and how I want to raise mine is my business.  I am not perfect nor are you and I will probably make a few mistakes as will you but that is life! We live and learn! For those of you who think that I am still not a good parent I sure haven't seen you win a parent of the year award! 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I love this girl!

I have known Jennie for almost 9 years wow, that is a long time and from the beginning I knew that she was a wonderful person. I kind of felt like her big sister and I was very protective of her and wanted only the best things for her. We didn't stay in close contact after the speedy's days but I always kept her in my prayers and thought of her often!  She is just one of those people that your are lucky to know! Here recently our friendship has turned into a great friendship and she makes me happy when I am down and I am grateful for her! I don't know what I would do if I didn't have me some Jennie in my life! I still want the best things for her and would do anything for her and I know that the feelings are mutual she is wonderful friend and so on her 25th birthday I wanted to honor her by saying that I am blessed to be Jennie's friend!