Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shopping 101

I observed the other day when Michael and I went clothes shopping for our anniversary (7 years).  We went to Maurices 1st b/c that is my favorite store and I instantly knew if I was going to like something. I found quit a few things and took them to the dressing room ... some tops ...some pants! A lot of no's and some maybe's and 1 yes! This took me all of 30 minutes. Well it just so happened to be buy 1 get 1 half off so of course I had to get another. Now the maybes turned into no's b/c I didn't really need a pair of $90 blue jeans!  So, I opted for a tank top which you can never go wrong with.  Next we headed to Old Navy same thing happened there with me .... picked out some items tried them on and I was ready to go in less than 30.  Well, Michael was hem hawing around ( whatever that means) he was just kind of wondering around looking at the clothes over and over again. It's not like Old Navy had a massive selection of mens stuff but he just kept looking and looking finally after another 30 minutes we leave with NOTHING for him! So, I feel a little guilty b/c I got a top and tank at maurices.  A pair of khaki's and a pair of $15 jeans at Old Navy ( I am probably going to take those back). So we head over to belk its 8:15 and the store closes @ 9:00 so, I know we only have 45 minutes "whew"!  As soon as we walk in I see flip flops that I have to have. I pick'em up and find a seat in the mens section. Now stuff is always on sale @ Belk so I just know he is going to find something. OMG after 30 minutes of him going back and forth between one sales rack of polos to the other sales rack of polos I have to step in! I tell'em which ones I like and he picks the other.  We go to check out and he asks if I want a new purse.... "of course I want a new purse"! Within 5 minutes I knew the one I wanted but I didn't get it b/c I felt like I already got so much and Michael just got 2 polos.  I swear if you had seen us at Belk you would have thought I was the old man waiting on his wife to get finished shopping .... hilarious!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bark at me!

The title of this blog really doesn't give you any clue as to what this post is about but I was at McDonald's the other day and a young man answered his phone and said "Bark at me!" So, I have taken on that saying when I answer the phone (when it is appropriate)! 
So, what's knew with Lynsey?  For Starters I got a JOB! I now work at Farmers Insurance. I swore when I worked at State Farm that I would never ever ever work for another insurance company but, here I am and I love it! Today was my 7th day and things are going great! When I went in for my interview I got really good vibes from the place and I knew that it was where I was supposed to be! It is still insurance and that is bittersweet but the people are great and it is a good place to work!  The insurance business is not a business that everyone can do! It takes a toll on you and well I needed a break from it but now I am back and ready to go! I don't dread going to work in the morning! I am having fun learning knew things about there company and trying to train my brain to think Farmers and not State Farm (i did work there for 6 years) I plan to stay where I am for a while but, you never know! 
We have been super busy with our photography company that it is making me crazy we are overbooking ourselves and now that I have a job that I work 9hrs a day I don't have a lot of time to edit pictures or spend time with my precious Brody boy! Michael and I decided that we are going to cut back.... I hate it but, It is something we have to do!  We still live with my parents but we won't for long! My anxiety and depression seem to be doing ok and I am at a good place! I haven't said that in a while!