Thursday, July 29, 2010


Everyone has friends but do they really!! These friends in your life all serve a different purpose some are your true friends and some are just well not really your friends so, why do we even call them friends? Why do we continue to keep them in your lives? Why do we continue to listen to the bullshit and the lies? Why? I am not really sure because it aggravates me beyond belief! I want people around me that love me unconditionally and call me on my shit and can handle it when I call them on theirs because that's what real friends do!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Please and Thank You!

    It's been along time but tonight or should I say early this morning thoughts are running through my head!  You see I got into a fight with my sister again! I say again because I feel like we are always fighting about the same thing. The fight may be about something different but it is all about the same thing! They are always about how she does not appreciate me!!!! After I typed those words I had to stop because it hurts so bad to not be appreciated and its not that I don't deserve it because I do I really really do! I just don't understand why she will not ever say thank you to me, ever! It hurts me more than you will ever know! To continue to do things for someone who you believe really does appreciate but just won't acknowledge it and I am not sure if I can do it anymore! I consider myself to be a great sister! I can be mean at times but my sisters can too! I would be so grateful if my sisters did half the things that I did for them and all I am asking for is a freaking thank you every now and then!