Thursday, July 3, 2014

This is unbelievable....

Wednesday July 2nd

@6:53pm text from me to Michael: 

You haven't let me know what time you are getting Brody tomorrow! Can you let me know tonight ? 

@ 7:54pm this is the text I received back 

You know what, we are ao accommodating to you when it comes to working around your schedule and helping you out so that you don't have to get out at 8am and neither do we and we are even going to drop him off for you and then you send me rude text messages and use !!! All the time and it's not appreciated. We wanted to meet earlier on Sundays so that we can go to lunch after church with family. So to say all that, we will pick him up around 5:00-5:30 We are not trying to start anything with you but it's ridiculous how you act when it comes to compromising for our sake. We could make you meet us tomorrow and after fireworks but we aren't bc it's not a big deal but Sundays after church are for us and God forbid you compromise for us and help us at all. We will be there tomorrow at between 5 and 5:30

@9:40pm this was my response 

Okay well first off the text that I was sent was not rude. I asked you to let me know when you would be getting Brody Wednesday evening and waited for you to contact me until almost 7pm the day before and this is bc you always wait to the last minute to let me know anything so I was simply asking for an answer this evening I was not being rude at all.  
I am accommodating to your schedule a lot ... In fact I'm pretty sure every time except for this last request and I stated what I thought in the reply to your text last week! When you texted me about changing the pick up/drop off time you never stated that it was for lunch with your family after church! If you had been honest I would have been willing consider it differently but you chose to say it was for Brody's best interest and school and some other things. I never said that I couldn't come at 8 am on the 4th that was brought up by you and Danielle and I agreed that it was best bc I don't like dragging Brody out early if he doesn't have to.  Also, you need to check the facts about compromising on who's behalf before you start calling me ridiculous! I compromise for you ALL the time. The text that YOU sent was rude by saying that you could "make me" meet you (but I would just simply do what it says in our court order) and I don't appreciate it all! I know that I don't speak to you or text you in a rude manor so you saying that is false.  I am in fact tired of being treated so disrespectfully by you. I am willing and have been trying to co-parent our child but for some reason you have been an obstacle to that. 
I waited until the day before asking when I would need to have Brody ready and I'm truly surprised by the response that I received! 

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