Thursday, June 26, 2014

This has me shaking my head..

I received this text from Michael's Phone On Sunday June 22nd 

Your mom called yesterday about you meeting us at 3 instead of 1 which was fine but both boys just went down for naps so could you drop Brody off here? And I wanted to see if we could change the drop off/pick up time to 12-12:15? Or even move it to Friday evening? The 1 meet breaks up the weekend and day and we were just thinking it would be easier on everyone including Brody if he had a whole weekend before school starts on mondays to kinda get into routine at each house. But if that won't work than maybe just moving it to noonish. Just think about it and let us know.

This was my response June 26th 

I believe changing the pick up/drop off time to Friday is not in Brody's best interest because that is the end of his school week and I think each household should be able to carry out any accolades or punishments from that week. Also, Brody is used to this schedule that he has been doing for 2 1/2 years. Changing his routine that he has come accustomed to his not to his benefit!  Also, I'm not sure how moving the time on Sunday up an hour really makes a difference on how well he becomes adjusted for that upcoming week! He still has 7 hrs as it stands now before bed on Sundays to settle back into each household. Michael the schedule we have now is what we agreed would work best for Brody and it has been working well thus far. 
If for some reason when he goes back to school and he is having troubles there and we think it may be because of his schedule we can revisit the topic at that time! As of right now I don't think changing our custody agreement  benefits Brody in any way. 
And this was this was our correspondence after :  

- Michael 
Ok geez I was just asking see ya Sunday at 1:00pm sharp 

- Michael
No need to communicate any longer on this 

See you then and I have nothing else to say. 

- Michael 

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