Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Crazy Love..

  I love you in such a way that I have never felt and that scares me so much! I think well love shouldn't be scary oh, but it is! Love is the most terrifying, horrific, absolutely beautiful feeling you can ever feel! You see when you truly love someone you allow yourself to be vulnerable. You entrust that person with your heart. Your heart is the organ in your body that beats so you can live so basically you are trusting another person with your life. You love them and allow yourself to be apart of them. At that point you are pretty much one person. You don't do anything without considering the other person wether it be how they would feel about this or that. Being responsible with for someone's heart is a big deal. It is a big deal to entrust any person with your heart after you do there is no turning back it's not like you can wake up and say oh well I'm tired of being the guardian of your heart so you can have it back. It doesn't come back whole it comes back in pieces because for every second that person had your heart they kept a piece of it once those pieces have been taken they can never be returned. So, sometimes it happens where your give your heart away to someone who does love you but something happens and the love is gone. They hand you the pieces and you're forced to try and make your heart whole again. It will never happen from that moment forward your are forced to live your life with pieces of your heart missing. 

So, what happens when you love another? You love them with all you have and you do entrust them but that heart has been broken and it's harder to trust another person with it because what if they decide to quit loving you and return your heart with more pieces missing. They could say that you never loved them the same way they loved you but how could you love them with only part of a heart. How can you fully give yourself to another after you have already done that. So, even if the next person decides that they will accept all the love you can give even if its pieces. You love them with all you have and with what is left of your heart and hope that you still have enough pieces of your heart to make that person feel a love for which they deserve. 

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