Thursday, April 16, 2015

What Tinder Taught Me!

  • If you didn’t know you had a type: you do. Hence the quick-fire way you can absolutely HATE or love someone’s face.
  • There is no smooth way to start a conversation with a total stranger with whom the only thing you have in common is the belief that you both are not ugly.
  • It’s okay to dislike someone based solely off of the Facebook friend that you have in common.
  • There is always a wrong way to spell a name. Future parents take note: you thought Craig couldn’t be messed up? Think again: I just saw a Kreagg.
  • Guys have apparently not learned that it might be misleading or confusing to highlight pictures of them with their nieces or nephews.
  • A clever one liner goes a LONG way.
  • If the main photo is of two guys, the actual guy will ALWAYS be the less cute one.
  • You never get a second chance at a first impression.
  • Apparently 80% of men like to "work hard, play hard."
  • NEVER trust a man who can take a better selfie than you. Never.
  • Take this as an opportunity to delete profile pictures that you didn’t know you had of you and your ex. Nothing more confusing than a Tinder pic of a guy snuggled up to a girl. The same goes for “interests” you may not know you have selected on Facebook. I just saw a guy with whom the only thing we had in common was our shared interest in Buitoni Pasta. What?!
  • If someone is less than a mile away, put your phone down slowly--very slowly--and run for your life (okay this one is just me.)
  • Having attractive friends makes you seem more attractive.
  • Everyone loves traveling! And working out! And trying new things! And food!

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