Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dating After Divorce!!

It is indeed a scary thing! Not only am I having to start over and do this whole dating thing but I now have a 6 year old little boy who's heart I consider in everything I do. 
You see this time around it is different. I met my ex husband just after turning 18 and we dated a while before we were "just going to be friends" we stayed that way until my 21st birthday and moved in together shortly after that and married soon after that! Did the roller coaster of life together and now I am here ... A thirty something who never dated an adult that she didn't live with or was married to.  Before I was married I obsessed over whether guys liked me or not, and I took it personally if they didn't. I even adjusted my behavior ever so slightly to be more to their liking. This time I don't give a fuck!!! My attitude is, take it or leave it, this is how I am. 
I've done the stupid "kissin' frogs" and I've decided to put some real effort In this whole dating thing and I've learned that not everyone is going to like me and that's okay! 
Being divorced is not the same as being single. Unlike my Never Married Friends I am not trying to find the "one"! I tried that and it failed! This time I believe I have realistic expectations! I still believe in Gods timing much like I did the First time! I see this as a season in my life and when Gods timing is right I will be able to look back and say that I really enjoyed this season! 
Yes, I still believe in Love but I see it differently not the Happily Ever After that everyone dreams of but a life with a man makes every day an adventure someone that can't just enjoy life with you and you both understand where you have both been and agree where you both want to go and understand that a lasting relationship takes work but sometimes having that Happily Ever After takes you through dips and turns and you may be upside down at some points in this crazy journey we call life but I'm Looking for that Man who will hold my hand through it all!  Never letting go! 

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